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To make the most of your time in Wadi Rum it is important that you are wearing comfortable clothing. The ideal clothing for a journey into the desert depends on the time of year and what type of activities you will be taking part in.

Daytime: Daytime temperatures in the Wadi Rum desert see a lot of change throughout the year. During the summer months (May - August), the weather is likely to be hot and dry during the day. Daily highs are typically in the low to mid thirties (85°F - 95°F) so it is important to dress properly. We recommend loose fitting, light colored clothing to to best protect yourself from the temperature, sun, and potential blowing sand.

During the winter months (November - February), daytime temperatures are often very comfortable, with typical daily highs falling between fifteen to twenty degrees (60°F - 70°F). It is important, however, that winter weather is more unpredictable. Strong winds and even rain are not uncommon. We recommend you bring comfortable, warm clothing for this time of year.

During spring and autumn the temperature can be unpredictable. We recommend that you pack for both summer and winter conditions described above.

Nighttime: During the summer, the nights are comfortable and warm. During the other seasons, the nighttime temperature can be quite chilly. If you are properly dressed during the day, our sleeping equipment will ensure your comfort during the night.

Sun Protection: The strong desert sun can be very damaging to your skin and exploring the desert with a sunburn isn't any fun. We recommend that you wear sunscreen and reapply during the day. Also, wearing long sleeves and a hat can help to protect you from the sun.

Cultural Considerations: Bedouins belong to the Muslim faith and both men and women dress conservatively. When packing your bags, consider packing long sleeves and long pants to wear during your time in Wadi Rum, especially in the village. Your attempt to dress modestly is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to avoiding any unwanted attention.

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